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“Apache service not started [-1]” error in XAMPP

January 26, 2009 1 comment

Problem: I successfully downloaded and installed the XAMPP-1.7.0 but when I start running Apache service it throws “Apache service not started [-1]” error. The MySQL service is working fine except for Apache.

Solution: I checked the path of my Apache service and noticed that the Path is looking on a different folder and not on my …xampp\apache location, I remember I have previously installed Apache 2.2.11 in my box before installing the XAMPP package. So I delete the old Apache service, uninstall and reinstall XAMPP.

If in case the path of the newly installed XAMPP persists the old Apache service location, uninstall the Apache service in the XAMPP and install it again, this time it will locate the new httpd file from your XAMPP folders.

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Online file converters

January 19, 2009 1 comment

Once had a problem converting your file? No worries because now we have a lot of file converters out there just waiting for you to use them… No need to download and best deal is it’s FREE 😀

To give you a handful of it, here’s a list of my personal favorites:


Their tagline shouts, “Free! Converts any media file format (Documents, Images, Audio, Video & Archives) without buying or installing anything on your PC.”

And if you’re still not impressed, this site gives you an options to convert file, convert online video, send files and convert units.

In converting a file, which is their main thing, all you need to so is follow 3 steps:

1. enter your email address

2. select the file you wish to convert and its output format

3. hit convert

In a flash it sends the converted file in your email.


Allows you to convert file upto 1GB… Download videos… and Manage files once you register to them…

Zamzar will require you to do 4 simple steps:

1. Select file or URL to convert

2. Choose the format to convert to

3. Enter your email address to receive converted files

4. Convert(by clicking you agree to their terms)


Aside from local file conversion, they also provide conversion from URL,  File Hosting, Web site screenshot and Sending file to mobile. Really a cool stuff…

And so far this is the only online converter in this list that will not require you to input your email address instead, Media-Convert will provide a download link after every successful conversion…

Try converting a file by providing 2 things:

1. select a file you wish to convert

2. input format is automatically detected so need to worry on this (in case detection fails, its time to do it manually :P)

3. identify output format

Media Converted has its unique Conversion Wizard which allows users to:

– convert a video directly from other portals like youtube, veoh, etc.

– convert a video or music by URL

– upload a video, audio or office file from your local hard disk

Happy file conversion !

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Unit vs. Acceptance test

January 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Reading blogs has been eating most of my time recently and I came across this site which I find technically enlightening about Acceptance testing.

I find it necessary to mark off unit test against acceptance test.

So click here and read on from my previous post Unit vs. Acceptance test

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Performance vs. Stress vs. Load testing

January 9, 2009 1 comment

More often these terms are interchangeably used in QA testing. Just to draw the line, here’s a definition which I agree with Goranka Bjedov on her Google Techtalk regarding “Using Open Source Tools for Performance Testing”

Performance – measuring how quickly the system responds to a work load. Response time tells everything,  proportional to its database, network infrastructure etc.

Stress – measuring  when and how the system fail and recover under an extreme load condition.

Load – measuring how the system behaves on a particular load (extremely high and low) over a prolonged period of time.

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January 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Cool stuff  for load testing…

BrowserMob patronizes Selenium IDE, a known Firefox plug-in. Load testing made simple in 3 easy steps:

RECORD the scripts on a real web browser using Selenium IDE, saves the actions done and no need to worry on cookies and traffics. Easy record and playback.

SCHEDULE tests and define your load data.

ANALYZE results through their Test Statistics and Charts.

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Record Jmeter using Badboyy

January 8, 2009 Leave a comment

For the past 2 days I’ve been filing my blog stuff on the right folder, and I believe this old post of mine belongs here.

Check out how you can record Jmeter scripts on a real browser using Badboy application. Dig in HERE!

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Free Website Analyzer

January 7, 2009 Leave a comment

No need to download just fireup your browser, go to these sites and input the URL of your application under test.

1. Web Page Analyzer (

This is a free helper website, which gives you a diagnosis of  the elements,  size and download time of your web page.  If it’s your first time to do performance test, this tool is a good start. The generated web page speed report will provide you an analysis and recommendations on how to optimize your site. Cool huh!

2. Gomez Instant Site Test (

A performance tool which will help you know how your website is performing from a specified testing location. This instant test provides page download time, DNS lookup, connection time and all page objects.

BTW these are just helper sites to help you optimize your webapps, but there are a lot of free performance tool out there like Jmeter, OpenSta etc. that can give you a concrete analysis of your website’s performance.

Happy testing 😀

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