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“Apache service not started [-1]” error in XAMPP

Problem: I successfully downloaded and installed the XAMPP-1.7.0 but when I start running Apache service it throws “Apache service not started [-1]” error. The MySQL service is working fine except for Apache.

Solution: I checked the path of my Apache service and noticed that the Path is looking on a different folder and not on my …xampp\apache location, I remember I have previously installed Apache 2.2.11 in my box before installing the XAMPP package. So I delete the old Apache service, uninstall and reinstall XAMPP.

If in case the path of the newly installed XAMPP persists the old Apache service location, uninstall the Apache service in the XAMPP and install it again, this time it will locate the new httpd file from your XAMPP folders.

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  1. jc
    April 10, 2011 at 8:47 am

    hey how do i check the path of my apache service?

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