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JMeter 101: Analyze your Test Results

To help you analyze your testing efforts, JMeter provides different types of Listeners. Listeners are JMeter components that show the results of the samples. The results can be shown in the form of a tree, tables, graphs or simply a log file.

Here are some of the listeners that I’ve tried:

1. Graph Full Results / Graph Result

2. Aggregate Graph

3. Aggregate Result

4. Summary Result

5. View Result in Table

6. View Result Tree

  1. Dzmitry Kashlach
    September 12, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Yes, these listeners are helpful, but some of them consume too much RAM during testing. Such as, for example, Graph Result and especially View Results Tree. BTW, what do you usually put into Load Result Report? Do you write separate reports for technical leads and for management stuff as in the following article described?

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