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Configure Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook side by side

We received an issue from our client on receiving email with multiple information on single line. Basically the web app allows user to fill out an application form. This application will be received by  the Sales team as email for approval. The email should display the details with proper indention, one detail per line. However our client received an email where multiple information are being displayed in a single line.

This issue was not reproducible in our end using Mozilla Thunderbird2.0, all fields are displayed accordingly. So I tried to simulate it in MS Outlook Express.

To do this, I need to setup MS Outlook and configure my corporate email where I will receive the sent application form having the same settings on my Thunderbird.  Since I have Internet Explorer7.0 installed in my box, it comes with MS Outlook Express6.0 SP2 as a component. Now let’s do the configuration part:

1.  Go to Tools>Accounts, Click Add>New Mail

2. Follow wizard and provide the following information:

Display name: <yourname>

Email address: <youremail> (in my case I use my corporate email account)

Incoming mail server: pop.gmail.com (since I’m currently using POP Mail Server on my Thunderbird)

Outgoing mail server: smtp.gmail.com

4. After the wizard, Go to Tools> Accounts, click “Mail” tab, you should be able to see your pop.gmail.com account in the list


5. Select pop.gmail.com then click Properties, Go to Servers tab and verify details as follows:


6. Go to “Advanced” tab and set corresponding PORT for each server SMTP = 465; POP = 995. Don’t forget to set server to use secure connection (SSL)


Here’s the trick, since we are using the same email account in two different email client using POP3 incoming mail server. We need to set the 2nd email client not to delete the incoming emails in the server when we refreshed. We also do this in the “Advanced” tab by checking Delivery options as shown above.

With these setting, receiving mails in the MS Outlook will still allow user to receive the same incoming mails in the Thunderbird.

Now I can test the same scenario using email sent on Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook.

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