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Classic Programmer’s Arguments with Testers

“It works on my machine”
“No user would ever do that”
“That’s not a bug, it’s a feature”
“It’s supposed to do that.”
“The software is performing as coded.”
“99.9% done, but it’s not ready for QA yet”
“You darn QA guys are slowing us down!”

Are these lines familiar to you? Did I miss something?

For some organizations, the “programmer-tester” blame-game has been an accustomed scenario especially during testing and deployment stage. It’s strange that programmers/developers dislike testers who are doing their job.

I felt fortunate to be part of a company (Exist Global) where developers and testers work closely together as a team. In my past project engagements, there was never a time, our developers made us feel that we made their life difficult. Of course there’ll always be issues encountered,  but these were taken objectively by both parties, with one end in mind — deliver quality

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