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Selenium RC to test unsecured connection HTTPS

It’s inevitable for software testers to run test in an environment with self-signed SSL certificates. This became one of my dilemma when trying to run my Selenium scripts in an HTTPS environment and was always prompted with “This Connection is Untrusted” error.

I have an existing Firefox Profile solely for Selenium, if you don’t have one, you can check this post.  Was able to resolve this issue by doing the following:

  1. Launch Profile Manager by typing “firefox -ProfileManager -no-remote” in your terminal (Linux user)
  2. Select Selenium profile then Start Firefox
  3. Access your web application URL in HTTPS
  4. Accept the SSL Certification:
      • Click “I Understand the Risks”
      • Click “Add Exception”
      • Click “Get Certificate”
      • Make sure “Permanently store this exception” tickbox is checked
      • Click “Confirm Security Exception”
  5. After successfully directed to the web application page, close Firefox
  6. Go to Selenium Profile folder ( in my case /home/girlie/.mozilla/firefox/selenium )
  7. Delete all files except for cert_override.txt and cert8.db files.

From here on, I rerun my Selenium scripts and didn’t encountered the “This Connection is Untrusted” error anymore 😀

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