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Useful RubyMine Keyboard Shortcuts

Meet my new colleague, Jetbrains RubyMine “The Most Intelligent Ruby on Rail IDE” sounds big huh! Since he will be my new companion / buddy for the next months to come, I decided to know him better and build a good rapport. ūüôā

Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts I find to be friendly and useful:

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+Alt+S Go to Settings
Ctrl+N Open a class
Ctrl+Shift+N Open a file
Ctrl+B Go to declaration
Ctrl+Space Code completion
Ctrl+E Show recent files
Ctrl+K Commit changes
Ctrl+G Go to line
Ctrl+T Update project
Alt+Left/Right Navigate through the editor tabs
Ctrl+Slash Make a block comment
Ctrl+F Find from current file
Ctrl+Shift+F Find from current folder
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