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There’s a wide array of things that sparks my fascination — books, ideas, biographies, new technology, true to life accounts, people and many more. Reading and learning are among the precious activities that takes me to a whole new world. However after sometime, most of the great ideas I once nurture and enjoyed, withers and slips my mind, hayzt, sign of aging? If only I have a photographic memory so I can recall every significant information I bump into. Well enough for that rant, let me focus on the solution which is the sole reason why I came out with this blog.

As a creative way to start the year 2009, I’m doing this blog to express myself and share my ideas and opinions on readings I’ll bump along the way mainly on Software Quality assurance, technology and with some of my precious precious  stuff on my shelf.

This is my drive to read more…  a place to communicate…  a self-motivating tool…  my channel for creative writing..

” Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality “ — Anonymous


| Frustrated writer | Software Test Engineer | Licensed Teacher | Budding blogger |

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