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Free Website Analyzer

January 7, 2009 Leave a comment

No need to download just fireup your browser, go to these sites and input the URL of your application under test.

1. Web Page Analyzer (

This is a free helper website, which gives you a diagnosis of  the elements,  size and download time of your web page.  If it’s your first time to do performance test, this tool is a good start. The generated web page speed report will provide you an analysis and recommendations on how to optimize your site. Cool huh!

2. Gomez Instant Site Test (

A performance tool which will help you know how your website is performing from a specified testing location. This instant test provides page download time, DNS lookup, connection time and all page objects.

BTW these are just helper sites to help you optimize your webapps, but there are a lot of free performance tool out there like Jmeter, OpenSta etc. that can give you a concrete analysis of your website’s performance.

Happy testing 😀

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