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Teamviewer: Group screen sharing tool for Ubuntu

October 3, 2011 2 comments

I had been looking for a Goto Meeting / WebEx counterpart for Ubuntu machine in preparation to our project demo/presentation and found the following:

1. Skype – supports Windows, Mac, Linux machine. As of to-date, latest Skype version for Linux and Mac is 2.2 Beta and 5.3 respectively. But only Skype Premium version 5.2 for Mac users has group screen sharing feature. Rates apply.  (

2. Glance – supports Windows, Mac machine only. We tried Glance Free Trial version 2.6 for Windows and plan to control my Ubuntu box remotely via VNC viewer but was a bit disappointed with the performance. Running a video from the host machine displays lag and actions performed from the host are not displayed real time. (

3. TeamViewer – FREE remote desktop access and desktop sharing that supports Windows, Mac and Linux machine. We tried TeamViewer full version 6.0 for Linux to host our project presentation to be accessed by Mac and Windows machine.

TeamViewer Installation Guide:

1. Download latest Teamviewer for Ubuntu. I got mine for Debian, Ubuntu (64-Bit) version 6.0:

2. Open .deb file with Ubuntu Software Center and Install.

3. After successful installation, you should be able to find TeamViewer 6 option under Main Menu/Internet menu.

4. Host has the option to create session for Remote support, Presentation or File Transfer. In our case we selected Presentation option because we intend to use it for project demo. Send invites to your partners/participants by giving them the auto-generated session ID and Password.

5. Partners will just need to access and input the session ID and Password.

Indeed TeamViewer is the ideal solution for online collaboration. The best of all is it’s FREE! =D Thanks TeamViewer Team!